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Wayyyminute...a my vagina!?

October 16, 2019

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Wayyyminute...a my vagina!?

October 16, 2019

After much contemplation, speculation, and mental recreation of the most horrific possibilities...I purchased my first menstrual cup from Saalt. My period has been changed forever! Read about my experience/review below! 




Hey girl, Hey! 


If you are anything like I was prior to actually trying a menstrual cup for myself, you have a lot of skepticism about this product and you need ALL the tea before even considering sticking a cup of anything anywhere! Lol Before I spill all the tea, please understand that this review is based solely on MY experience with this product. Every woman’s body is different...what has worked for me may not work for you! This review is in no way sponsored by Saalt Co. I am not being paid or compensated in any way for this review (I wish lol)!


Alright, let’s start with the basics:


What is a menstrual cup?




Simply put, a menstrual cup is a menstrual hygiene product in the form of a silicone cup that is placed in the vagina to collect blood during menstruation. 


Practical reasons make the switch?

  • Menstrual cups help eliminate waste. 

    • You don’t have to purchase or dispose of pads/tampons every month. 20 billion pads and tampons are disposed of annually.

  • Save money!

    • 1 Saalt cup lasts 10 years and saves an average of $1500 over the cup’s life!

  • Saalt is made from non toxic chemicals (unlike non-organic tampons and pads)

    • It is made from medical grade silicone and is BPA and latex free!

  • Promotes natural PH Balance

    • Cups don’t cause dryness like tampons sometimes do and can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. 


Now let's get into my experience/review:


I’ll start by saying that I’ve known about menstrual cups for years and the thought of using one was absolutely mortifying! There was nothing appealing about the prospect of spilling a cup of my own blood all over the place in a public bathroom or in my own bathroom for that matter! Not to mention having to shove a cup up there or fish one out while on my period...just no...hell no. lol 


Over the last 2-3 months or so, my hormones and cycle has changed drastically. I went from having a 4 day moderate/light cycle to having 6-7 days of moderate/heavy bleeding. I didn’t know how fortunate I was before...because this shit is for the birds!


I’ve never been a fan of pads or lady diapers as I like to call them, so 6-7 days of diaper wearing was really just fucking with my whole mood and mojo! I only use tampons when I workout and even that was just becoming a drag. I switched to organic pads and tampons almost 2 years ago, but the only other option I hadn’t tried was the cup…






The size of the cup wasn’t really daunting to me. I mean if we’re gonna keep it real...unless you’re a’ve likely made room for things much bigger (hopefully lol). The cup is made of silicone so it’s not hard. It is pliable and fold-able which allows you to insert it. I cleaned my cup in the shower with my HoneyPot vaginal wash before insertion. There are a few different ways to fold it for insertion (and a whole host of YouTube videos and help from a private Saalt fb group), I chose “c fold.” I hiked one leg up on the edge of the tub and I inserted the cup (about 9:30pm) while I was in the shower. I was honestly surprised by how easily it went in. Zero pain. Once I got it in my vaginal canal it just kind of sucked into place. It didn’t set perfectly the first time but once I stood up, did a kegel or two, it was fine! I gently tugged on the stem of the cup to make sure it was secure and that was it!


I went to bed like normal and didn’t feel a thing, woke up the next morning with no sign of leakage at all! I went to train my clients, went to target (spent more money than I intended per usual), then came home around 9am. If you aren’t certain you put it in correctly, I would wear a pantyliner just in case! I read that leakage typically occurs because it is not secure. The instructions are very detailed and the company is very responsive to questions! 




Now this was where the real fear was for me! Lord, how am I gonna get this cup out without making a crime scene in the bathroom!?lol I sat down on the toilet (my hands may or may not have been shaking lmao). I inserted my fingers and felt for the grips at the base of the cup (remember at this point, if the cup is inserted correctly, there should be no blood at the entry point), then gently pushed until I felt the the cup come down a little bit. Once I had a good grip I gently squeezed the base of the cup and slowly pulled it out while gently pushing down on the cup (like I was trying to pee). I followed the natural direction the cup was coming out and then made sure to tilt it slightly upward as it came out. No spillage. Super tampons hold about 10ml of fluid, menstrual cups hold about 30ml. It came out with no issue. The cup was about ¼ full with blood. I just dumped it into the toilet and rinsed the cup out in the sink (if you’re in public you can re-insert without rinsing or bring a squirt bottle or bottled water and rinse it out). I’m still kind of shocked at how smooth the process went. The key is to take your time and relax, if you yank it hard or rush you might make a mess. 



This part was pretty easy as well. I decided to put a little coconut oil on the rim of the cup to help it slide in easier. That actually made folding it a little tricky since it was slippery. I re-inserted it seated on the toilet. Because the cup and my hands were slippery (from the coconut oil), it was a little harder to hold and the cup started to unfold before it got in position. That was a little uncomfortable but it wasn’t what I would consider painful. It slipped right into place again and became invisible (to feel) again. I wiped my vagina just to make sure that any residual blood from removal was not left and...Tah-dah done! I will remove and empty it again tonight at the 12 hr mark.  



I wash my cup with my HoneyPot sensitive vagina wash after every removal. I will also boil my cup between periods (follow the instructions that come with the cup). Saalt also has a cup wash that you can use to clean. The cup also comes with a cute storage bag to put it in between cycles. They’ve got you covered. 



My Review


I’ll start with the CONS:

Being honest, there weren’t any for me but I could see where some women might find issue.

  • Going Digging

    • Everyone isn’t comfortable with their vagina and touching their vagina (especially internally). If this is may not like having to put your fingers up there. I would encourage you to try to get comfortable with your vagina first...after all it is yours...explore it so you know what’s going on and what feels right and wrong!

  • The sight of blood

    • If the sight of blood freaks you out then this may be an issue for you. I mean you’re gonna see blood every day if you use a pad, but I get that it is mostly absorbed. All I can say is that it’s not as bad as you think. If you have to..don’t look...just take it out, dump and flush!

  • Removal in public 

    • I’m blessed enough to be able to be at home during insertion and removal. In my opinion it’s not any more awkward than crumpling pad and tampon wrappers in the bathroom! We’re all women here! Hell…at least it is silent! 




  • Saving money

    • No more buying pads/tampons every month or every other month

  • Creating less waste

    • No pads/tampons means less waste to dispose of

  • 12 hrs of total freedom 

    • No changing your pad/tampon every 4-6hrs

    • You don’t feel the cup at all when it’s placed properly 

    • Can sleep, swim, and workout with your cup

    • Lessens probability of TSS

  • Toxin-Free

    • FDA registered and compliant, vegan, no BPA, Latex, chemicals, or irritants

  • They have 2 sizes

    • One for the woman with low a cervix and no children and one for the woman with a higher cervix and that has had a child(ren).

  • Salt products can be found at your local Target or at


I am NEVER going back to pads and tampons again...EVER! Not having to wear a thick pad or deal with a tampon string is amazing! I can wear a thong on my period and not have to worry about the string or spotting because the tampon is too full! I can be butt booty naked in my house while on my period and I don’t feel gross or worried about anything! I can go 12 hours and not have to see a drop of blood...I almost forgot I was on my period! I love it! Periods are already stressful...the Saalt cup has taken the majority of the stress out of dealing with your monthly monster! I love it! 


If your experience isn’t quite this smooth (some people I talked to had bad experiences with other brands) patient with yourself. It make take a few cycles to get down and figure out what insertion and removal techniques work best for you. I know my way around my vagina so I know what feels weird and what doesn’t. 


Either way, I hope this review was helpful! If you’re holding strong to your pads/tampons there’s nothing wrong with that...look into organic options if you can...the price is actually pretty comparable! Please drop any questions, comments, or experiences you would like to share below. We only learn and grow by sharing our experiences with each other! 







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