At Home Bikini Wax...Send the AMBALAMBS!!!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Flamgino Body Wax Kit: Just call me Quarantine Chewbacca because baaayybyyy something had to be done!

DISCLAIMER: This company does not recommend using the body wax kit for bikini lines as it is designed for large areas (they recommend the face wax kit for bikini lines). I guess they never met a real life chia pet because it would take 700 face wax strips and I ain't got the time.If you aren't a walking carpet like myself, you may heed that advice.

Just a little background info...

Okay so...I made a trip to Target to grab my favorite hair removal creme (cuz you know...essential) only to find that you hoochies all but cleared the aisle of every thing but Nair (which I'm allergic to...I'm almost certain there's battery acid somewhere in the ingredients)! So I was left with two options...continue to grow hair long enough to cornrow or try a self-wax kit!

For a little background history on my hair is thiccccccc and grows like wild fire (there's a reason I tip my wax lady very well lol). It is not curly per say, but it is wavy and also grows in different directions depending on the area. I typically get a Brazilian Wax or (if I'm tryna save my coins) I'll just keep her trimmed low with clippers and use hair removal creme so that my bikini line doesn't join forces with my knee cap hair (add it to my growing list of unreasonable fears). I have never and will never take a razor to my lady bits...if you're doing that, I beg you, STAWWWWP! My last Brazilian Wax was late last year. I had been just trimming here and there and living my best life, so why waste the coins and endure the pain. About a month before the Rona hit I decided to let it grow long enough so that I could start back getting waxes and then BAM...outside is closed! So I trimmed like usual and kept it pushing. Well it was about that time to tame the bikni line which led to my totally essential Target adventure.

Okay let's get into it!

What comes in the kit:

- 24 Wax Strips (they are double sided so you get two strips in one essentially)

- 6 post wax cloths


The packaging is clean and neat and instructions are pretty straight forward. The strips come in a envelope fold that has instructions printed on it (although I feel like the instructions were missing a few key details..we'll get to that later). The wax strips themselves are not messy and are easy to pull apart.

The Wax Process

I was actually shocked at how easy it was to use these EASY. I was also shocked that it didn't hurt near as bad as I thought it was going to. Please keep in mind that my pain tolerance is probably higher than the average person. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, but it's not stings. If you get frequent waxes, you probably will be pretty unbothered. If you've never waxed before, sis...don't try this now. The ease of use for me I think is attributed to the fact that I've gotten plenty of waxes and I pay attention to how my wax lady pulls. I actually ended up doing my bikini line, by my outer lips near my groin and I took quite a bit off of the sides, (on my mons pubis...learn the actual names of your genitalia please) and left a triangle shape that I trimmed down after. [Pictures of used wax strips below...consider yourself warned]


Alright! So per the instructions, you want to make sure your skin is clean and dry (wait at least 20 min after a shower before waxing). You are supposed to pull the wax strips apart slowly so that the wax distributes evenly on both strips. You lay the strip down and smooth/rub the top in the direction the hair grows (this is really important). Don't rub it back and just makes the hair do weird things and doesn't come off as seamlessly. What the instructions don't tell you is to wait before pulling. If you lay it down, smooth it over and immediately pull, nothing comes up. I waited 2-4min after applying each strip before pulling it up!

PULL IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION THAT THE HAIR GROWS! If you don't, the hairs will not budge.

They don't recommend that you cut the strips because it can be messy. This is true. However, if you cut the strip before pulling the two pieces apart, there is zero mess. I had to cut a few in half to fit in the crease areas....It would be really nice if they made strips of different sizes...cough cough! If you cut the strip in half, make sure that you lay the strip down so that the edge of the strip that you pull from is on the right side to pull in the opposite direction the hair is growing.

Probably the most important tip: MAKE SURE YOU PULL YOUR SKIN TIGHT (away from the direction of the pull) before pulling. This makes a huge difference in the success of only having to pull once and not having to inch by inch rip your life away.

It says you can use strips for 2-4 pulls, but tbh two is the most I was able to get...after two, it's useless! Also make sure you're careful about where you place the other strip you aren't using. I wasn't paying attention and it got stuck to my leg I had to rip that off (ouch) and then forgot to clean it and got my leg stuck to the couch later that night!.

I would say..the longer the hair the better. I read some reviews and watched videos of people doing their armpit hair and not getting good results. It says hair should be at least the width of a quarter, but let's be honest...this is not professional grade wax and we ain't no professionals. My hair was pretty long..."longer than my damn edges," as my friend Crys so nicely put it...and I think that really helped! Below are pictures of the used wax strips so you can see how much hair I was able to remove on the first try:

The Clean Up

After you finish waxing, use the cleaning cloths to get the wax off. These cloths are AMAZING! I really need for all waxers to have these cloths...they feel dry but have some type of oily substance that rubs off and gets all of the excess wax off!

Now...even though I think this product is amazing for a store bought, at home kit..there were still some stubborn hairs that just would not come up. I just went in with tweezers and plucked those. It wasn't so many that it was impossible or took more than a few minutes and they came up easy since the area had just been waxed.

My Thoughts

Let's be clear...I'm not going anywhere near these moose knuckle lips with at home wax strips. Period Pooh. That shit takes real skill and understanding of hair direction and dealing with folds and flaps...nah! Plus, we all know those 2 or 3 strips that feel like hot hell fire...I'm not ready to inflict that kind of pain on myself. When it's time for a Brazilian, I'm turning in my lil $50-$60 happily.

But also...lets be real...if it's not bikini season and if Gina ain't getting no I reaallllyyy need a Brazilian? lol Most times I get a Brazilian because I workout so much and excess hair equals more sweat and sometimes just plain and simple...discomfort. Now if yall want to get reaaaallly real...even if Gina is getting some action, in my 28 years of life, I ain't never dated a man that's turning you down over hair, no matter how much shit they talk...and that's all imma say about that! But, Do you boo.

I would absolutely continue to buy and use this product for maintenance when I'm not getting Brazilian waxes. I got almost completely smooth skin from the wax. I also have very sensitive skin and this didn't irritate my skin any more than a normal wax does. I actually might attempt an ass crack wax because if you've had know how clutch a hairless crack is!

Hope this helped and you at minimum got a good laugh! Let me know if you try it out and how it goes for you!

<3 Alyssa

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