3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Macros: Protein 36.6g Carbs 53g Fat 3g (does not include toppings)

I'm currently on a mission to put on some lean muscle mass. Being at a caloric surplus, my macro break down is pretty high, so I am always looking for way to pack more protein or carbs into a meal (and it still be tasty, of course). Even if you aren't looking to gain, these pancakes are great if you need some extra protein in your diet. Though they are high in carbs (unless you have a specific hormone or insulin imbalance...carbs are not your just have to choose the right type of carbs), please keep in mind that if you have not calculated your macros and you do not know how many grams of carbs you need to meet your cannot know what is too much or too little carbs for you just by looking at the number (you'd be surprised to know how many carbs you actually need to lose weight.) That a blog for another time...

Let's get into it!

What you need:

  • Birch Benders Protein Pancake Mix (1/2 cup)

(Can be found here.)

keto option is available, if you are looking for fewer carbs).

  • Nutrabio Extreme Mass Gainer (1 scoop)

(Can be found here)

You do not have to use this particular powder, but be warned all protein powders do not work well with cooking. You want a powder that is finely milled and that dissolves well with liquid (no clumps).

  • Kroger Carbmaster Milk (about 3/4 cup)

Again, you do not have to use this milk, I typically use almond milk, but there was none at the store near me. This milk does have a high protein content which helps!


Heat your pan on medium high heat. Mix everything together in a bowl (dry ingredients first). If you like thicker batter, use less milk. Cook until the bubbles start to burst and then flip (if you go to flip the pancake and the batter looks like it's going to spill over, it's too soon to flip). Keep an eye on the heat, you may have to turn it down as you go. You should get about 3 pancakes from this mix if you use 1/4 cup batter per pancake.


  • Use liquid stevia (I like vanilla flavor) and cinnamon to add a little extra flavor

  • I use sugar free syrup to cut back on the added sugar

  • I also like to use peanut butter as a topping or your favorite sliced fruit. Don't forget you can add topping to your batter like blueberries, chocolate chips, or bananas to spruce it up a bit!

If you make these pancakes or are inspired to try your own version! Tag me on instagram @eunoiafit.


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